Weekend fun

This weekend my mom, her husband Dan, my sister Jill and brother Zach came up from PA for a quick visit. Don't get me wrong I love my family and miss them terribly when they are gone but 4 extra people in addition to the five that already live in my tiny home is a little crazy! With that in mind we decided to spend as much time out of the house as possible. After church at Northway Church (a great church by the way) we drove to the Saratoga State Park and walk around the geysors. We even convinced Wes to taste the water. hehe :P It was really funny to took a big slurp and then spit it out all over the place and said it was nasty! Poor baby.

We also went to Fly Creek Cidar Mill and Cooper's Town. We were able to show Dan all the spots we used to go with my Grandma. It is amazing how much that little town has changed! It used to be full of lots of little shops with neat things and lots of baseball shops of course but it is just not the same any more. It probably does not help that we went on a holiday and a bunch of the store were closed.

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