My little Peanut.  My only girl.  My sweet snuggle bug.  I adore this girl.

She has the tiniest squeakiest voice as she plays with her babies and doll house.  She loves her LaLaLoopsie dolls and stores them in her pink button back pack.  

She has a little sas that she keeps in her back pocket for whenever she thinks she needs to use.  When she wants something and she doesn't think simply asking will get it for her she will stare up at you and bat her eye lashes while saying "pleeeeease" in the sweetest voice she can muster, then shrug it off like she really didn't want it when you say no anyways.

She goes into her own little world and stays there happily till one of her brother bombards her with their craziness.  She loves her brothers.  At times you would question how she could hold her own with two rambunctious boys around.  Don't worry she can take care of herself and if she can't Daddy is there to rescue her.

She is Daddy's Peanut.  She cries for him without fail as I wash her hair in the shower, runs to him when he gets home from work and is his snuggle partner for movies.  Their connection is beautiful.  

She is beautiful.  Her heart is sweet and she is kind.  She shares willingly 80% of the time and is always worried about where her brothers are if they are not with us when we go out.  I love that she cares for those around her and I am teaching her where true beauty comes from.

She is a nut.  Not everyone gets to see this side of her.  She reserves it for those she loves most but when it comes out it is out there...really out there.  I have no idea where she gets half the stuff she come up with.  She does this crazy thing with her eyes where they look like they might pop right out of her head.  It's kind of creepy but it's what she does. 

She is stubborn.  Beyond anything I have encountered with my other two children.  So very stubborn.   Most days she is easy going and easy to handle but when she sticks her foot down it is down and there isn't a thing you can do to change her mind.  Matthew and I are always shocked when it happens and what it happens over.  I say it comes from his side of the family...he disagrees.

She is my Princess. 


Heather said...

Beautiful post and pictures! :)

Maura said...

wow! She has gotten so big!! Beautiful Photos!

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