Charlie's First Birthday

I once read another blogger say that she was consistently inconsistent. That describes my blogging habits perfectly.  It is because of my consistently inconsistent blogging that I am only  just now writing about Charlie's first Birthday which happened almost two months ago. 

 It was a super Seuss Birthday party, complete with many hand drawn pictures from my very talented sister Kirstie.  

 She also helped make the cupcakes and all the other treats that we ate.  She and my mom were a great help in getting everything together and making Charlie's first birthday a great one.

I used pom poms that were left over from a friend's baby shower I had helped to decorate.  I thought that they worked perfectly as Trefula trees. 

Everyone who attended the party signed the "Happy Birthday To You" book by Dr. Seuss.  I think it will be great for Charlie to look back to see all the people that loved him and came to be with him on his first birthday.  

We all had a blast thinking of fun ways to make the party "Seussy".

Charlie was suffering from a cold and very bad allergy eyes.  I made the party for later in the day so that it wouldn't be too hot.  It was great thinking but because of his cold Charlie was almost ready for bed by the time everything really got going.

After he gorged himself on the picnic dinner all he wanted to do was watch the other kids open his gifts and drink his bottle in preparation for bed.

He was in love with the Sophie giraffe and just kept squeaking it.  That was the only gift he really showed any interest in.  He didn't even like his Dr. Seuss converse! I'll be honest they were more for me than him but we won't tell him that.  

We weren't able to light his birthday candle because it was a bit windy but he didn't care.  He was fascinated by the cupcake topper and managed to eat almost his entire mini cake before falling into a semi coma like state.

The Birthday Boy was done!  A quick clean up later he was sound to sleep, while his guests still nibbled on their own cupcakes. 

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