How it is that time flies by so quickly?  I can't believe my active little baby just started Kindergarten? Seriously, how did this happen so fast!?  

Thursday we had "practice" school.  Wes and I went and spent the afternoon with his teacher and classmates learning what to expect in Kindergarten.

Wes was excited and asked a ton of questions!  He answered every question his teacher asked and got to pick out his own seat.  

He loved his teacher, Mrs. O'Brien right away, saying "she is very friendly".  I was very nervous that he wouldn't like school once he got there and realized that it wasn't all fun but he did very well and looks forward to going back every morning.  

He really wanted a Transformer back pack but I waited till the last minute to go buy him one and couldn't fine one anywhere.  He was very happy with the Marvel Super Heroes backpack/lunch box combo I was able to find.  He loves his Super Heroes!  

 He also got a new pair of light-up sneakers!  He couldn't have been happier with them.  He has been asking for them for over a year.  I just wouldn't spend the money to buy them for him.  His expression every time he puts them on and they light up was well worth the $14.99. 

While waiting for the bus to arrive Friday morning we took a couple photos.  He was too excited and I think a little nervous, though he wouldn't  admit it, to really relax and act natural but I love the above photo.  The smirk and the sparkle in his eye, he just melts my heart and makes me smile!

He was up long before the alarm clock and completely ready by the time I would have been waking him up.  We were outside waiting for the bus with over 15 minutes to spare.  Every time a vehicle would sound he would run up to see if it was his bus.  To distract him I let him call Yaya.  I'm not sure it worked but at least he asked her every minute if the bus was coming instead of me.  

Finally, we saw the bus.  I told Wes to hang up and we backed up to be safe like he was told to at school.  It was then that I realized the bus was not only stopped at the house just down the street from us but it was turning around!  Leaving a very disappointed little Kindergartener behind.  I will have to say he handled it much better than I did.   I woke the other two still sleeping babies and put them still in their jammies in the car and we headed to school.  Wes kept telling everyone who would listen that I bus forgot him.  We sorted everything out and I watched my Wesley walking off hand in hand with a nice aide in a bright blue vest.  It was then that I tears came.  Some of the high schoolers that were walking in gave me some funny looks but I still cried as I carried my toddler with a leaking diaper and sleepy Peanut back to the car. 

Kindergarten is a big step for me.  Wes and I have always been together, always.  I keep thinking of telling him something or wondering why he is being so quiet before I remember that he at school.  I am so thankful that he is enjoying himself and coming home happy.  I am still in denial but I have a Kindergartener and he just amazing! 

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Veronika said...

He is precious! My oldest son just started kinder too.... I find myself wanting to tell him something also then I remember he is at school! He loves it though, it's great that your son is loving it too (: Hope he has a great school year!

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