Snow day

Charlie got his first real experience with snow!  He has been in it a couple times but this was the first time he actually sat in it.

 He just sat there and tried to keep his face from getting snow in it.

Felicity decided to join Charlie but quickly learned that he wasn't much fun and waddled off to find Wes again.

I wouldn't say that Charlie disliked the snow, he seemed very interested it and even tasted it a little, he just didn't like it in his face.

Felicity tried to make a snow angel but she too didn't like the snow falling on her face so she made a side snow angel instead.  She was very pleased with her attempt.

I tried pulling both sleds at once which did not work at all, then I put the boys in the same sled.  That worked until Wes felt like he was going to tip over and let go of Charlie sending him falling off the sled into the snow.  Charlie was not happy and the sled pulling ended.  Wes wasn't giving up going for a sled ride so he started rowing himself around in the snow.  It must have been a lot of work because he soon gave up and started making a snowman.

While the big kids rolled snowballs, Charlie sat and watched.

He did not make any attempt to move around much in his snow suit. He just sat there which was a nice break for me since I have been chasing him around a lot lately.

In the snow he was just happy to sit and watch.

Wes' snowman was getting bigger, it probably would have been a huge snow ball if he would have stopped laying on it every 10 rolls or so.  He would get tired and rest on it smashing it down to a much smaller ball.

Our snow day wouldn't be complete without watching our snow ducks play in the snow!

Right before we headed inside to put Charlie down for a nap, Wes picked up his large snowball for a picture.  He promptly threw the ball at me as soon as I told him I got a photo of him with his "huge snowball".    He was pretty proud of himself.


Heather said...

It was fun having snow, wasn't it? :) Maybe we'll get more before Spring?
I do love the duck pics!
Ty didn't (or couldn't) move in his snow suit, either. :)

Jenilee said...

beautiful snow! and great pictures... still sad we haven't had snow like that this year :(

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