The differnce

 Felicity is my sweet relief from being out numbered by my boys.  Boys I love dearly and wouldn't trade for anything but a sweet girl is such a blessing!

 I  never really got the true difference between boys and girls till I  had them myself.

 Felicity is sweet and calm.  Loves to cuddle and feed  her babies, tucks them under the covers every night and  nap time with a kiss and a snuggle.  She soothes and talks tenderly to  her baby brother.  Playing house, being the Mommy while her big brother is the daddy, dressing up in princess dresses and gasping at beautiful things like her Aunt Mary's ring are all things that make her, her.

 She removes my hand so she can burp Charlie, asks to feed him, has attempted to change his diaper, plays "boo" (play scares him; he loves it) with him, enjoying hair bows, sitting and put on different shoes or looking at and playing with my jewelry for long  periods of time.

 I thought kids were all crazy  like Wes.  I love his craziness and Felicity can be crazy with him but she can also be still in a way that he can't.  She is content with a coloring book and crayons, give her a pen and a scrap of paper and she will scribble till there is no empty space left.

 I love watching her care for her dollies and babies.  She has to wrap her babies just so, their arms under the covers and usually have their own pillow and  blankets.  She feeds them, changes them, asks for a wipe when they poop and just loves on them in such a sweet way.  Wes played with dolls too but the innate motherly instinct and tenderness in Felicity is so feminine. 

 I love our alone time when we get to paint our toes and snuggle together.  She kisses my cheek and asks for a "muah" as she points to her own cheek.  We color pages of her  Disney Princess book or play with her magnetic dolls while she sits happily in my lap.  We usually get this quiet time on Saturdays while Matt and Wes work and Charlie naps and I'm pretty sure she enjoys  it as much as I do.

Have a little girl is so fun and such a blessing. 


Jessica Heights said...

Little girls truly are precious!!!

Heather said...

How sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you sweet Felicity!
~Aunt Britty

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