the best

Days when we have no where to go and impromptu photo shoots on Mommy and Daddy's unmade bed are some of my favorite things!

 Apparently having Mommy stand over top of you in her jammies holding a camera is funny.

 Or scary, I'm not sure which.

 Either way hitting my head on the ceiling sent ripples of laughter from three scantily dressed little ones.

 Trying to stomp my feet while bent over  peek a booing around the camera must have been quite the sight but they all looked at me and laughed, clapping their hands for more.

Lazy days and unplanned photo fun are the best!


Anonymous said...

I love these sweeeeet babies!
~Aunt Britty

Heather said...

Yes, impromptu photoshoots are always the best! I really love your bedroom- it is so neat and I'm sure the kids love playing there!

Holly said...

i need to do more impromptu shoots!

Susan said...

These pics are so sweet!! :)

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