Swingin' winter

The weather this winter has been everything but frightful. 

 It has been in the 40's and some days even sunny.

We have been taking advantage of the free vitamin D whenever  we can.

 The kids love to swing.

Wesley on his tire swing

 And Felicity in her baby swing.  She can use the regular swings just fine but asks to be the "bebe" most days when she wants to swing.

 I'm just glad that they are able to burn off some energy outside and soak in the sunshine.  Even if it is only on their hands and faces.

We will take the snow when it comes but until then we are soaking up this winter sunshine!


Heather said...

Us too!! I have similar pics of Brad I'm going to post. :) We are loving this weather!
I love Felicity's ring!

Susan said...

This weather has been so amazing even for us "big" people! :) So glad you guys are having so much fun, they are adorable as always!! :)

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