5 months

On December 15th you turned 5 months.  I am continually amazed at how fast you are growing and changing.

 In the last month you have lost most of your dark new born hair.  It fell out gradually as the newer much lighter hair quickly took its place.  You look much more like your older brother with your blond hair.

 You have learned to sit unassisted and love it!  You no longer are content sitting in your bouncy chair or swing now that you know you can sit on your own.  I still try to put you in them but you protest loudly in a very short amount of time.

 You pushed and flipped your way out of both the bumbo and the bebe pod.  That really surprised me as your sister sat in them to eat till she was much older.

 You are starting to learn to love baby food.  You have a strong gag reflex which means the magic bullet is getting a real work out.  Your favorites are pureed oatmeal, bananas, butternut and acorn squash.

You laugh huge belly laughs at the simplest things.  Everyone enjoys finding new things to make you laugh.  Two of the easiest ways to make you laugh are popping Bubble wrap and slapping the bed or couch while you are either sitting or laying on it.  

 You also started turning to and reaching for Mommy when someone else is holding you.  It really is the sweetest thing and I can't help but grab you and snuggle you close.

 Most nights you sleep through without waking but recently you have been waking again and I am wondering if you teeth will be making an appearance soon.

Your hands and feet are your favorite chew toys and your shirts are usually wet with drool as you slobber on everything that comes near your mouth.

 Most people comment on what a happy little guy you are.  You have a very easy to please and content personality.  I love watching that personality grow and become more uniquely you.

You are so love Little Charlie!


Jenilee said...

those gorgeous eyes!

Heather said...

Ty is doing the same thing, turning to grab mommy if someone wants to hold him......or sometimes even look at him. :)
Cute pics. :)

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