Charlie's 1st 12 weeks

We welcomed you into our world on July 15th.

One day


First day home.  2 days old

 3 days old

 1 Week

 2 week

3 weeks

We took a 8 hour car ride to my cousin's wedding.  We ran out of diapers at the reception and I made a cloth diaper out of a burp cloth and rafetta. 

4 weeks
You give us your first real smile.  You smile when Mommy makes a motor sound and smiles at you.

4 weeks

First camping trip and visit to Vermont.

5 weeks
You are starting to like to lay under your toys and bat at them with  your hands.

 6 weeks
Aunt Britty came from Texas to visit.

7 weeks
First time in the Jonny Jumper.  You love to stand and will spend 15 minutes looking around.

8 weeks
Mommy starts working again.

9 weeks

10 weeks

11 weeks
Second camping trip

12 weeks

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. He is so sweet. Loved looking back. What wonderful shots.

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