Big Girl Update

 Felicity has been doing a lot of growing up in the past few months.  She is quickly leaving the toddler age and turning into a big girl.  A big girl that still likes to snuggle and sometimes be held.

 She is however, becoming more  and more independent and making up her mind about how things should be done.  Take the photo above for example,  she was sitting there relaxing and I though it would be super cute if she put her hands behind her head for a photo.  She did not think that would be a good idea and crossed her arms and said "yike dis mama".  

She wants to be just like her big brother Wesley.  She does just about everything he does; sadly this includes some not so lovely things like spitting, climbing on top of the monkey bars, peeing in the grass, trying to stand to pee, wearing her shoes on the wrong feet, making crazy faces at the camera and repeating annoying loud noises in the car.  She tags along behind him like a shadow just trying to keep up with all that he does.

She has discovered Disney Princesses and LOVES them!  This is not something I encouraged (for no real reason) so I was surprised how quickly she fell in love with them.  When my sister Brittany was up she would let Felicity play a princess matching game on her phone.  Every time you touched a princess card to flip it over it phone made to clicking sound, well Felicity can't say Princess so she now makes the clicking sound that the phone made whenever she talks about Princesses.  It is hysterical!  She sounds like she is talking in some crazy tribal language.  "Mama where my (click)?"  *gasp "yook (click) piddy (click)!"  It's really funny!

 She is very protective at times of Charlie and if I ever don't have him, she is quick to ask where he is.  She loves to help hold his bottle and pat his back to burp him.  One day she was watching intently as I changed a pee diaper.  I asked her if she wanted to change him and she quickly took over. It was fun to watch her try to change him and how she talked sweetly to him as she did.  I ended up helping her help but she was very proud of her diaper change.  She calls him "Olyee"

She still prefers to wear dresses but will not complain about wearing pants, if giving the opportunity to pick her outfit it is always a dress.  All shoes are boots to her.  When she is thirsty she says "I hehee".  (It took us awhile to figure out that one.)  She calls coffee "num num" and loves to steal sips even before I put cream and sugar in.  When asked a question she usuaully replies with "yep" or "nope", if asked to say yes instead of yep it comes out "yesh".   

Yesterday working on saying her name sounded something like this.
Me "Say Fe-li-ci-ty"
Felicity "me"
Me "No say the word Felicity"
Felicity "me"
Me "OK how about Peanut.  Say Pea, good job.  Now say nut.  Great!  Now say Peanut."
Felicity "me"


Ashley Sisk said...

I really love the compositions on your first and last shots. Beautiful.

Sarah said...

I love these. Too sweet.

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