5 years old!

I am definitely not old enough to have a 5 year old son.  Definitely not.  If I was though I would be super proud of my boy.

  I would be trying my hardest to encourage his leadership skills while discouraging his tendency to be a little too opinionated.  I would praise his sweet talks with his baby brother and his willingness to play with his sister who is currently suffering from "mine-itis". 

I would sneak into his bedroom at night, put his hanging leg back up on his bed, tuck him in and kiss his finally still head.  I'd pray for him every night and through out each day.

  I'd wonder what God was thinking when He gave me such a crazy boy!  I thank God for giving me such a crazy boy.  I'd smile when he brought me a handful of smash dandelions. 

I'd cry when he wore me out at the end of a hard day.  I'd buy him his very own bag of Brussels sprouts because he asked so nicely. 

  I would snuggle him when he snuck into my bed in the morning after his Daddy left for work.  I would constantly remind him to put his worn out crocs on the right feet.  I'd ask him not to make loud screeching sounds a hundred times a day.  

I'd hold his small hand in mine as we walked side by side and when he asked why, I'd tell him because it's one of my favorite hands to hold.  I'd wash said hands countless times a day and wonder how it was possible to get some much dirt on two sticky hands.

I'd laugh as he learned that baking powder does not taste like powdered sugar.  I'd crack right up when he would come down stairs from bed in a bright red leotard.  I'd marvel at the amount of peanut butter and jelly I'd feed him in a week.
I'd  be sad when he had to learn a lesson the hard way.  I'd want to cry when his heart was broken.  I'd forget about a horrible day when he snuggled me and told me I was the "bestest mommy in the whole widest world." 

My heart would melt when I saw him holding his sister's hand.  I'd cherish is snuggles even if he kept wiggling the whole time.

I'd watch him try to be just like his Daddy and fix things around the house.  I'd be nervous as he climbed higher, drove faster, jumped farther and fell harder than he did the day before.

I'd be the proudest mom ever as he learned to ride his two wheeler.  I'd miss him while I was at work.  I'd long for quiet time and realize I like my crazy time with my boy just as much.  

If I was old enough to have a 5 year old boy, I'd be blessed beyond measure to have a boy like Wesley.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.
  You are and will forever be my most favorite Wesley in the whole widest world!
I love you.


Heather said...

So sweet! Almost made me cry! Happy birthday Wes! I can't believe you're 5 already. Where has the time gone?

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Wes!! Love these shots, especially that last one. So sweet!!

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