Before and After

I am so excited to be joining in the fun today.  It's my first day home completely alone with all three kids.  I have never had this much help or family around with my other two children so I have been completely spoiled and I loved every minute of it.  Today is the beginning of reality and I love this as well, just wish my laundry and dish fairy still came every day.

This photo was taken at my cousin Marissa's wedding to her husband Markos.  We traveled there this past weekend.  It was a  10 trip and all though it had it's rough times, it went surprisingly well.  Charlie had a few "first" experiences that I will write about later. It was a very fast but fun weekend but most importantly the wedding and bride were beautiful and the flower girl was adorable.



This photo is extra special because when I was a little older than Felicity I was the flower girl in my Aunt's (the bride's mother) wedding.  It was very neat to see my little girl with my cousin as a bride.


R and J Studios said...

it barely even looks like the same photo! nice work!

Anonymous said...

Sweet photo. You did a wonderful job on your edit.

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

Stunning - great editing on the photo :)

Nicole said...

Excellent edit!

Courtney said...

Love your edit...heck, I love the original too! :)

Michele said...

I love your edit! Awesome!

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