Princess Peanut

I realize that I have not done an update post on Felicity in awhile.

This little Princess has been doing a lot of growing up lately.

Almost 3 weeks ago Wesley and she had a late night talk and decided that she was ready to be potty trained (I kid you not!).  He removed her diaper and covered her back up in bed so when I came in to check on them  that night I did not notice her naked bum.  The next morning I found her diaperless and DRY!  Potty training began in full swing that day.

 Thanks to Wes and my constant need to use the bathroom myself, Felicity is pretty much potty trained now.  No diapers at nap or bedtime and she has never wet her bed or the car seat!  I could not be prouder.   God has really blessed me with this little girl.  I'm very  much enjoying my short break from diapers!

 Felicity is still not talking on the level of other kids her age but she is coming up with more words all the time.  One of her funniest things right now is, every time we pass cows or a farm, she covers her nose and says "moo poo poo" .  She and Wes get a big kick out of that and a chorus of giggles come from the backseat every time. 

 Her toes are almost always painted because she likes them to be "pretty".  If one toe's paint in coming off she will continually remind me that it needs to be repainted until I paint them.  Then she picks up her foot to her mouth and blows her toes.

 Going for rides on four wheelers and tractors is on top of her list of fun things to do.  She can tell by the sound of the machines who is coming into our yard.  Grandpa and Jeremy stop by often and if she's inside she will yell the name of the driver and run to the door for a ride.  Very rarely does she mix up the machine noises or not convince the driver to give her a ride.

 Nearly every morning she comes into my bed and snuggles with me for at least 15 minutes before saying "I eat mama."  This means she is ready to go have breakfast.  I love these snuggle times and really hope they don't disappear like Wesley's did when Felicity was born.   I treasure my snuggles!

 With her painted toes, skinned knees, dirty hands, pretty dresses and messy hair my baby girl is quickly becoming a little girl. 


Jeanette said...

oh she is just precious! I love the mix of girly-girl and tomboy:) I must say, I am completely jealous of your potty training experience. My 4 year old is still tediously going through the process ( he is autistic so it does make things a bit more difficult) and my almost-three-year-old is just not interested.sigh.

Sarah said...

Awww. I love these. So sweet. Make sure you check my blog today. :)

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