My favorite place

   I have a favorite place.  A place that always puts me in a good mood.  A place that always gives me good photos and fun times.  A place full memories and family time.

 Technically it's not mine or even my husband's land, it's his uncles but it borders Matt's parents land so we visit it often.  Matt mowed me a path around the edge of their property so I can walk or ride down there whenever I want. 

 We rode out there as a family after dinner and I fell in love again with my favorite place.

 I told Wes that Black Eyed Susans were one of my favorite flowers and he ran into the field to pick me a bunch.  They sit in the kitchen in a Izze bottle right now.

 I love that my favorite flowers are the free kind that grow all over the roadsides and fields.  It means lots of summer bouquets and pretty decorations around the house.  Wes usually picks Felicity and I flowers everyday because he "loves us and takes good care of his Mommy and sister." 

 Matt is very sweet to us because he knows how much we love spending time here and makes sure we can easily access it whenever we want by mowing the path every time he mows the lawn.  He takes good care of his family.

 To me it's an almost magical place.  The lighting is great and I can't really explain it but it's just a place where I can relax, stop thinking and enjoy my family.

 I have so many fun photography ideas for this area.  Some of which I hope to try out shortly after my little baby arrives.  We have even talked about bringing out a picnic table so we can have picnics out there.  I just love the back fields and can't wait to visit again soon, hopefully as a family of five!

This barn is not in my favorite place but it was on the ride home and I love it as well.


Jeanette said...

that is beautiful! I love your shot of the black-eyed Susan!

Courtney said...

I can see why that's your favorite place! Love the barn shot too!

Aurie said...

I love that last shot!! Simply beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Awww. I love these. Looks like an awesome place.

Anonymous said...
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Kaitlyn said...

Don't you love those perfect spots that you always return too. I have a couple of spots like that around here. I can't help but, always return. Beautiful pictures.

Love your blog.
New blog follower from
in our sea of love

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