Sweet Dreams

This past week everyone but Matt has been hit hard by a horrible head and chest cold.  Wes rebounded the fastest and Felicity is taking the longest to recover.  I have been so busy sneezing, wiping noses and cuddling that I have not had time to write about something very special that happened.   I am both happy and sad about this as it is just one more step to my baby no longer being such a baby.

Saturday, Felicity took her last nap in her crib.  We have not taken this crib apart since Wes slept his first night in it.

Even with her terrible cold, Little T kept climbing out and I was scared that she would slip and fall on one of the many toys on the floor. 

I even tried putting her in a sleep sack to make it harder to climb out but the little monkey still managed to get out!  

I can't believe that she is old enough to be in a bed already.  She seems so tiny to me.  It seems like just yesterday I walked in to find her standing up in this very crib for the first time.  I am going to miss getting her out the crib.  Her little body bouncing up and down, holding onto the rails and throwing her arms up for me as I got closer.  I miss it already.

She, however does not seem to miss it at all!

I will admit my timing for making the switch may have been perfect and terrible at the same time.  By the time we cleaned the room, took apart the crib, set up the bed and rearranged the room to fit two beds, we were all ready to nap.  Add to that the fact that Felicity and I could not go 5 minutes without blowing our noses and I really don't think this little sweetie really had the strength to fight getting out of bed.

I simply rocked her for a minute and laid her down.  She got up once to get a "bebee", I told her to lay down and that was it.  She slept soundly for 2 hours before walking to the stairs and calling for me.

I thought bed time would be harder with Wes being a mere 5 feet away but I was pleasantly surprised.  After reading their stories, saying their prayers and administering kisses and hugs, I walked to the door way and waited.  Twice she jumped out of bed and climbed in with Wes.  I simply said "back in your bed" and she ran to her own.  Within 5 minutes both kids were sleeping.  Seriously 5 minutes!

Sleeping so soundly that I was able to turn on their bedroom light a little while later and snap some shots of them slumbering away.  Wes is a wild man, even in bed.  He never really stops moving.  And yes that is a huge banana dog (he calls it Banana Bear)  in Wes' bed.  It was given to him by Matt's cousin.  I can't stand it because it is so large and ugly but Wes hasn't slept without in months!

Felicity was snuggling Teddy and sleeping as sweetly as I left her.  She looks so little in her bed.

I am so thankful that she is transitioning well in her new bed.  I am thankful that she is growing so well and is able to be in her own bed.  I am thankful that today her cold seems to be a little better but just a little sad to not come into her room and get her out of her crib.  


Heather said...

Awww, it's always hard going to the next transition- she's such a sweetie. :)

Sarah Halstead said...

Glad it is going well. These photos are sweet.

a little bit vintage said...

Adorable! Lovely captures!

Beth Crocker said...

I have been reading blogs all morning & yours is the first to stir up so much emotion. Tears (yes, you made me cry), laughter, joy, etc... all there. Thanks!

Holly said...

How sweet :) Kyndra is 3 and still sleeps in her crib but the time is coming soon where she'll be moving

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