Or the day before, I'm not sure, Wes and I went out to play in the snow while Felicity took her nap.  

It was still freezing but warmer than it had been so we took advantage of our brief opportunity to enjoy a little fresh air.  

While Wes was off chasing a rooster, I took advantage of the beautiful snowy landscape.

I think that antique farm equipment is fun to photograph.  I can not tell you how many photographs I have taken of this lonely bulldozer.  

This is the door that I frequent everyday when I feed my chickens.  I am too lazy to shovel around the door so I am stuck squeezing in the barely open door everyday.   One day I'll shovel...maybe.

The rooster had tired and was roosting in his home so Wes came back to me.  Well he rolled to me because his legs were cold.

He rolled, stopped, made a snow angel and rolled some more.  This kids cracks me up.

This photo is proof that I really do need to go get my eyebrows waxed!  Anyone want to babysit?  Just kidding...or not.


Jenilee said...

what great pictures! playing in the snow is so fun. The girls love it too! :) and that last picture cracks me up! I'd totally babysit if we lived closer! :)

Heather said...

I love his Elmo hat thing!
How long does waxing take? Just bring the kids. :) I know the upper lip only takes 5 min. I bet eyebrows take more precision and time though....hehe, don't want to mess those up. :)

Photo Freak said...

love that elmo thingy. precious

Anonymous said...

Fun photos. I love the elmo mask. So cute.

Anonymous said...


Julie said...

I love the old farm equipment. And your unshoveled chicken door sound so much like something I would do.

Courtney said...

How fun! Love all your shots. Beautiful!

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