I learned

Today I learned that even if you set clear painting guide lines, it is not a good idea to go outside to do laundry while there is painting going on.  

That if you combine all the paint colors and drop them on the floor, it makes redish sludgy mess.

That Wes can get a lot more done in 5 minutes than I can!

That even a mess can be beautiful.

Yet another lesson I learned today is, that no matter how big of a mess my little boy makes, I love him more.

And finally,  making him wash all his messy paints off in the bath room sink, is a perfect way to waste water spend quiet time.


Christina said...

I saw your status about this on FB! I'm going to bet that he had a whole lot of fun making that mess! ;)

Faith said...

LOL!! Oh yes, I've made that mistake before. Finger paints are definitely not one of those things you can just leave for your kids to do by themselves. The last time I did that my kiddos stripped down and painted each other!! At least it washes up pretty easily.

Aurie said...

oh - so cute! I love the creativity that finger paints encourage, but the mess? not so much!!

deb duty said...

Wow! It looks like he had a whole lot of fun! Great photos.

Sarah Halstead said...

I love these photos. Messy boys!

Julie said...

Ah...what a way to "treasure" the moments!! These years will fly by!!

Marla said...

This mess is beautiful. Love it. :)

Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

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