Ginger Bread

Wesley had been asking to make ginger bread homes and men for awhile.  I was not really feeling like making the dough after I have already made many batches of other Christmas cookies so we made houses out of gram crackers.

Wes was thrilled.  I did not make the "glue" thick enough but he did not seem to find.  He asked me where we were going to put the insulation.  I had to laugh, he has been helping daddy build his shop and was more concerned about the technical stuff than decorating at first.  Once the candy came out however, he totally forgot about everything but sampling and gluing things on.

Felicity did not really want to help decorate but she did her fair share of of sampling.

Wes used green sugar to make grass and a broken candy cane for a chimney.

The finished products.

The after math.  Notice the kids are gone.  They were literally bouncing off the walls in the living room.  They were on a sugar rush that topped any other they have ever had.  


Heather said...

Cute houses. You could use pink cotton candy for insulation...if you can even find that this time of year. :)

kbreints said...

Looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!

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