Country fun

 Out here in the country we know how to have fun.

On home made teeter totters.

In hand me down hats.

Running in freshly cut hay fields.

By trying to keep up with your brother.

 Exploring the woods and finding animal foot prints.

Inspecting rocks.

 Befriending Killing a spider

 Holding poor dead spider in hopes that it may miraculously come back to life.

 Burying poor dead spider.

 Watching the big boy chase more spiders.

Finding spider a large tomb stone.

 Using rocks as make believe cell phones.

 Wearing your brother's hats.

Making lasting friendships.


kbreints said...

What wonderfully documented memories :)

Beth Crocker said...

What great shots, & it all looks such a great life! Your blog is fantastic!


Julie said...

So fresh and colorful. The country life is the happy life!! I recognize little Brad in those photos too! So fun!

Heather said...

So fun. I love the colors and your words along with the photos. :)
That was fun!

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