Boyd Bear Farm

Ok, I'm back.  I know  I said that I would be back on Monday but I have been too tired to get on here and write.  Today my throat is finally all better!   That was the worst sore throat sickness I have had in ages.  It wiped me out.  Which of course means that my house and car were in a total state of crazy disarray!   I have spent most of today trying to rectify the situation.  I still have work to do but I am taking a much needed break.

While is PA we visited the Boyds Bear Farm.  It was amazing.  Four floors of Boyd creations.  The kids immediately picked out favorites.  Felicity picked a brightly colored monkey and Wes a long eared white bunny; both of which were way out of our price range and had to stay on the farm.  We did find a clearance barn and bought the kids animals for $2.50 a piece.  They were just as happy with them as the pricier ones.

Here Felicity is sitting on a Boyd cow holding her new Elephant.

Wes with his Monkey.

I have more photos and stories to share but I am having a real hard time uploading photos right now.  I promise to come back soon and finish up our trip with all of you.


Ashley Sisk said...

I love the tease and I can't wait to see more.

Holly said...

They have a farm!?

Josh Healy said...

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