For the love...

Of Mud!

Today after we had run errands and gone grocery shopping the kids quickly ran to the puddle in the back yard while I was bringing in the groceries. 

I quickly saw that it was pointless to try to save Felicity's outfit but was able to remove Wes' shirt before it met a muddy demise.

Felicity's attempt at jumping!  She would go threw the motions but never quite get her feet off the ground.  It was adorable!

Wesley however is an accomplished mud puddle jumper!

He told me after one of his epic splash attaches that "my butt just found a rock, mom".   I had to laugh!
Little sister is quickly learning how fun mud can be.

Wes is a good teacher.  Some one needs to teach her that mud is good for your skin, not your hair.

 And not to eat the mud!  Ewww
Now that's what I would call a beautiful mess!

Mud never looked so good.

A bath was definitely in order.  I did not however want to walk through the house with these mud buddies.  

Thank goodness for outside tubs! 


Tiffany said...

Oh how fun! It is so refreshing to see other moms that let their kids get messy. My girls frequently resemble Pigpen. And I love the outside tub idea! How do you get the water warm enough, or do you?

Heather said...

SO cute! I love the pics of Wes jumping in the puddle!

Julie said...

My butt found a rock!! Hate it when that happens!!

I'm sure Felicity will be an accomplished mud jumper in no time!! Especially with Wes as her brother!!

kbreints said...

There is nothing like a mud puddle!

Pixel Perfect said...

You win mother of the year for allowing your kids to get so dirty! Love it!

Jenilee said...

that is a beautiful mess! what great word choices! :) cute and so fun!

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