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Matt's brother and his wife are in town again.  His wife, Kelly just happens to be one of my beset friends.  I always get excited when she is coming up for a visit!   This visit was no different.  We spent much of the afternoon and evening together on Tuesday.  We had a yummy pizza dinner followed by a walk in a local park and then ice cream at our favorite ice cream place, Amy's.

We had never been in this park and thought it would have swings but it turned out to be a big kids park complete with skate board ramps, basketball courts, and hockey rink.  We will come back when the kids are older.

When we got back home it was time for a family favorite.

Four wheeling!  This past time has change quite a bit over the years.  Before kids, we used to fly through the fields, zooming as fast the scenery blended together in a whirl of colors.  Now we putt along taking in all the beautiful sights we missed when all we wanted to do was hold each other tight and feel the wind in our faces.
You will have to excuse some blurriness, most of these shots were taken while riding but you get the idea.

Slowing down and enjoying the view really is a good thing.

This is the same field we used to race through, while snapping off ears of corn and chucking them at our other four wheeling friends.

There was no ear throwing this time as the corn is just starting to sprout.  We did however, still snuggled each other close and had just as much fun.

Oh my Wesely, he loves his rides and roaring at the camera of course.

The family.

Kelly and I walked off the pick flowers with the kids while Matt and his brother Michael chatted while overlooking a small valley village.

Wes left us to join the boys.  He is growing so fast, it won't be long and he won't want to pick flowers with me at all.

He buddy is still a Mommy's boy for now and I will soak up every snuggle and flower picking I can!

My beautiful blue eyed baby loved her ride.  While singing to me on the ride she head butted me, busting my lip open!  Ouch!  Then she proceeded to give me a huge hearty laugh as a held my hands tight to my bleeding lip.  It sure did not feel funny but apparently it was.  She is a little stinker.

Night fall was quickly setting upon us so we turning the machines around and headed back home.  It was a great day spent with great friends. 


Victoria said...

o wow - that looks like so much fun!! Everything is built up around here, and there are not many places to ride anymore. It looks like you guys had a blast!

Yep, Logan is very small. She looks great, but I guess its because she is proportional - she is short too!!

Kate said...

Your view is stunning! I miss the open spaces and rolling hills from home.

Tiffany said...

Love the views! Looks like our neck of the woods. My girlies love going to Papa's ranch & riding his fu-weeler, as Violet calls it. Glad you guys had a fun evening.

Pixel Perfect said...

Wow! Love the pictures and the one with the sun flare is gorgeous! It looks like you had a lot of fun. I haven't been on a 4-wheeler since before pregnancies and little man.

Have a great weekend!


Heather said...

How fun! Great pics, of course. :)

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