Waterfall adventures

It has been so beautiful the past few days.  My house is a total wreck because we have been spending every minute outside and only come in to make a mess and sleep.  We have been playing and exploring.  Kirstie came with us on our latest adventure, explore waterfalls.

This is one of our favorite places to visit.  Matt and I wanted to get married here but didn't.  It would have been beautiful!

It's a .8 miles walk to the falls and back.  Most of the walk is near the stream that feeds the falls.

There are smaller falls all along the way to the larger falls.  It has been pretty dry here so the water was not rushing, which was good because I did not have to worry about Wesley getting swept away.

A rare photo with my girl.  Kirstie offered to take the camera for a little while to get a couple shots of me and my babies.

Awww!  Aren't the the cutest?!  Wes absolutely adores his sister! 

Kirstie took Wes on a mini adventure while I tried rather unsuccessfully to get a neat shot of the waterfalls.   I did get one that I liked at the top of this post.  I tried making my shutter speed slower to get the neat flurry water effect but Felicity wriggled too much.  Guess I'll just have to come back with Matt on a date...Shucks! 

Wesley loves exploring.  He is so steady on his feet.  He amazes me.
We found a bunch of there little guys.  Wes wanted to take them home, really bad!  I can't get over how grown up and big his hands look in this photo.  He is growing so fast!

Even Little T got out of her wrap long enough to play with some sticks and touch the water with her toes.

I of course could not resist the opportunity to try out some of the great tips Monica gave me on capturing sun flare.

Kirstie and Felicity hung out on top of some small falls while Wes and I climbed down them.  I am not a climber or graceful so this was a huge feat for me.  Huge.  It's amazing what you do for your children.

Looking back at Kirstie right before we went down the falls.  I am probably making them seem a lot bigger than they really are.  It was only 6 feet or so but it was slimy wet rocks and I fall very easily.

Wes wanted to go swimming in the worst way!  He found very opportunity to get in the water.  I loved how he would roll up and hold up his shorts.  He is a character.

He did eventually go swimming just not the way he had hope.  He slipped and fell on his bottom.  He was scared but not hurt.  Good thing we brought his backpack with a change of clothes.

Felicity loves being outdoors just like her brother and never complained once that we played through nap time.

Wes is sad here because we are leaving the water to head home. 

For your safety I cropped my glow in the dark legs off.  Whoa those babies could blind you!

Look what we found! 

Guess who was scared to touch it?  Not my brave boy!

After much prodding we did get his to touch it lightening quick with one finger.

Felicity on the other hand thought Mr. Turtle was a sandwich and threw a fit when we took him away.

All in all it was a wonderful day full of waterfalls and adventures and what better way to end a great day than with chocolate ice cream.  What do you all do on beautiful Spring days?


Christina said...

I love your pictures! That first waterfall picture is gorgeous!

Heather said...

What a beautiful day! You are so blessed to do that with your kiddos. :)
Great pics of you with them too, Kirsti did a great job!

Julie said...

I think you did an superb job in capturing the beauty of that day!! I love the pictures. I love the one of Wesley climbing..perfect capture. Lindsay...you really do have a talent!

Pixel Perfect said...

Look at you sun flare master! That first picture is BEAUTIFUL!! Have you thought about submitting that to istockphoto.com and maybe making some money?? Just a thought.

To be featured on a "getting to know you" saturday just shoot me an email and I will email you the questions!


Thank you for your prayers and blogging friendship! Have a great evening!


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