Felicity had a rockin' weekend!

I'm usually all about making babies look like babies.  Keeping them little as long as possible.  That being said, this was just plain fun.

Felicity naturally has a mohawk.  I just enhanced it.

Kirstie gave her this Rockstar outfit and well...I couldn't help myself.

She just makes me smile!

Now if I could just get the sides of her hair to grow I would not be so tempted to make her into a little rocker baby.

I just love her!

My Rock Star Baby! 


Heather said...

So cute!! Hehe, the hair is perfect for the outfit...but it makes me laugh that she has a big bad mohawk and rocker outfit on while she is holding a stuffed ducky and has a pacifier in her mouth. :)

Victoria said...

O my! How stinkin adorable is she! I so would be putting it in a mohawk!

Kate said...

I love the babyhawk!

Steve Finnell said...

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Christina said...

She's one coool little girl! :) Love these!

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