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I am determined to try more consistently to be in more photos with my kids.  It is hard to give up the camera but I did it!  When my cousin Emily asked to go on a hike I gave her the camera.  She loves photography too, so she was happy to snap some shots of little adventure.  

This is my favorite!

Don't mind my saggy pants.  :)  I just love Felicity's over sized butt and Wes' boots.  So sweet!

Have I forgotten to mention that Felicity is officially walking?!  I think so.  Well she is and it is so stink' cute!  

She still loves to be carried around in her wrap so that makes me very happy too!

There were plenty on mud puddles to keep Wes entertained or shall I say motivated to keep moving.  He was tired and really needed a nap so this hike was not exactly an easy one for him.

Emmy ended up giving into his cries to be carried and gave him a piggy back ride.  He was very happy after that.  

This is Emily's family farm.  I lived there with my mom and siblings for a couple months after my parents divorced.  Ask me about bathing in the pond and milk house sometime.  :)

Oh and we found a snake.  A dead snake, but I did not know it was dead at first.  Clearly Felicity was not thrilled about having a dead snake in her face.

So our adventure and attempt to get in more photos with the kids was fun.  Emy and I are already planning another trip up there.  It was beautiful.  

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Angie said...

Love the photos - especially the first one. Over from Mom & Me Monday & now following.

Julie said...

I love the first picture, too!! Heck, I love em' all. But I'm a sucker for your photos and editing! What great moments you/Emily captured. So fun. So tell me about the pond and the milkhouse??? I'm dyin' to know!

The JAMC Johnsons said...

Great captures! Visiting from Mom n' Me Monday. The scenery is really pretty, and I agree that the first picture is great!

Heather said...

Do a post about the pond and everything! Even though I already know I'd love to read it...and I'm sure you have old photos you can dig up. :)
This was a great post!! Emy is a great photographer too and it was neat seeing her pics!

Christina said...

Great pictures! I get frustrated sometimes about rarely being in any photos with Gracie! I am determined to teach Sean how to take a focused picture. ;)

Faith said...

aww these are SO cute :)

Grace Wheeler said...

Those are really sweet pics! And that farm is beautiful! Bathing in the pond?! ha ha! Well, at least it wasn't in your grandma's front yard in just your undies...yep, that was me. lol

kbreints said...

Beautiful pictures... what a lovely day :)

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