His Dreams

My Matthew is a dreamer.  He is constantly thinking and dreaming.  I wish that I could make all his dream come true.  He is working so hard to take care of our children and providing a home for us that a lot of his dreams get set aside. Set aside but not forgotten.

This is one of his dreams; to redo this old Ford tow truck.

It was given to him long before I met him and nearly every time we go past it, he tells me of his great plans for it.

It has history.  He knows where it was used and who used it.

I have heard the story of what he plans to do so many times, I could tell it to you almost word for word.  I smile inside when he retells me, over and over again.  I love that he shares his dreams with me.  

We both have so many dreams.  Dreams for each other, dreams for our children, dreams for old falling apart vehicles.  It's good to dream.

 Dreams make things interesting.  They keep us working towards something.  Keeps us from settling.  I think the trick is to not let a dream simply stay a dream for long.  Get up and work on it.  Go get your dream, whether it is owning a home, a better car, a dog, a professional photography business, having pink hair,  driving an antique truck, or whatever!  

So dream on, just don't only dream.  Dream and do!

PS.  Matt is looking on Ebay and Craigslist for some parts to fix that old truck.  :)


Christina said...

Hey....I would rather have the truck stay right where it is and you can use it for a photo backdrop.

Heather said...

Haha, I loved Christina's commnet! :)
Yes,dreams are good, but turn them into GOALS! :-)
Let's work on the pink hair one first. ;-)

Carolee Sperry said...

Yup- start living your dreams now as you never know how long you have.

Found you on CafeMom-I'm your newest follower!

Lisa said...

Well, you can make "getting a pedicure" a goal! ;oD

I love your new look! I don't know how long ago you changed it, but I really like it! AND, you take the most beautiful pictures!

Holly said...

What a great project for him!

Donna said...

These photos are awesome! Did you grunge them up? Or were they already that beautifully grungy?

I love vintage! Almost a shame to restore it...

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lovingmylife said...

Donna, they were already as grungy as grungy can be. I did edit them with a preset I made but no they are all naturally grungy. :)

Susan said...

Dan loves to dream like that and I love that he tells me about it too. I think that our hubbies are quite similar! :)

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