Another first

Today feels like summer.  And what do kids love to do in the summer? 

Play with water!

Felicity got her first real taste of summer fun today.

She loved it.

Well...most of it.

Getting splashed by your older brother.  Not so fun.

Pouring water from cups and then trying to eat said cup.  Super fun!

Watching her play and enjoy such a simple thing as water was so refreshing.  Kids really truly don't need gobs of expensive toys.

Just a hand-me-down sandbox filled with water and a cup.

Random side note.  While capturing this photo of knealed on a bee, I thought I just knealed on a stick so I continued taking photos. Pain increased so I got up to a half squished bee under my leg.  Yep.  Ouch!  I had a red welt the size of a softball on my leg.  I forgot how much getting stung hurts.  Needless to say, that bee won't be stinging anyone else, ever again!

Oh I just love this face!  It is her newest.  She does it whenever she is excited, scared, happy, or when something is neat, or whenever someone in our house "toots" (passes gas).   This darling little face is accompanied by "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH".  I mean how much cuter can you get?!

Aww yes back to the cup.  Her favorite water toy.  This lovely baby girl loved her water time, especially after Wes went down for his nap and there were no more unexpected splashes. 

Does anyone have any fun outside summer games that they would like to share?  We are always looking for new fun things to do outside. 


Christina said...

For the love of photos...... hehe.

Heather said...

I love the photos!! Ouch about the bee!!
I have yet to take pics of Brad in his new kiddie pool. I have some in his baby one at my mom's. :) I've been in the pool with him, that's why there's no pics! hehe

Julie said...

I only wish it was warm enough here to swim.

ANd those bee stings..OUCH! I got 3 last year after not getting one for years. Horrible.

Gorgeous photos. I love the little ruffled bum!

Holly said...

Love her suit! What fun for her!

Jenilee said...

what a cute little swim suit! she looks like she is enjoying the water and the sun! :) love summertime!

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