Camping 101

As you know this weekend we went on our first camping trip as a family of 4.  I thought I would share some of the camping tips that we learned while exploring the great outdoors.

Pick a spot with a nice view.

Build a small fire to cook hot dogs on.  Fires that are too large will burn your eye brows off.

Bring your own chair.  If you take one from a child they will scream so loud all fish in the pond will swim to the deepest darkest parts of the pond and refuse to bite no matter how long to try to catch them.

You must eat your corn without your hands.  It tastes better that way.

Don't eat the mushrooms.  They don't taste good.

Tickle monsters run wild in the woods.  Be ware!

Watermelon must be eaten in slices larger than your head.  Any smaller and you'll no excuse as to why you can't eat your healthy dinner of hot dogs and potato salad.

Toilets are..ahem...how do I say this...rustic.  Bring your own tissue.

Children appear cuter with dirt on their faces.  You may be tempted to have another.

Precious moments are bountiful.  Bring your camera.

Breakfast will be perfect if you don't drop the perfectly crispy bacon on the ground.  Dirt adds fiber.  Eat it anyways.

Hang on tight!

Pepsi cans make great targets.  Bring ear protection.

Little girls love dandelions.  Be prepared to stop and pick a few...hundred.

Roast your marshmallows on a long stick or car antenna. 

Bring baby wipes!  Lots of baby wipes!

And lastly fishing in a bathing suit with a safety will most assuredly help you catch more fish.

For more fun and helpful camping tips.  Stay tuned.  We will be camping again soon.


Heather said...

I LOVE this post! Very clever tips. ;-)
Haha, love the boots with shorts...David did that yesterday. :)

Alysha (Supermom) said...

This post is perfect. Really brought me back to the days I used to go camping as a kid. Love all the tips. I hope to take my family camping one my little one is a little older. thanks for sharring :)

Victoria said...

SO fun! It looks like you guys had a blast. We may have to try camping this summer!

Together We Save said...

Great pictures!! Looks like lots of fun!!

Rachel said...

I loved this post. =) SOme of my best memories are from camping!

I also LOVE the new header!! Beautiful!

Melissa said...

Oh what wonderful photos you have been taking of your little ones! They sure are adorable! Wandering over from Julie's Peanut Gallery, so glad to meet you! We will be taking our family of 4 camping too for the first time hopefully this summer, you sure made it look fun!
AND that old truck you guys have is AWESOME!!! Have fun with your cute little babes!

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