I have not been very diligent in my blogging for a while.  We have been sick with a  nasty cold!  Nasty.  The kids have a constant flow of boogers.  It's gross.   We all resemble Rudolf.  We are getting better.  Slowly.
I am a firm believer that fresh air and sun shine are some of the best medicine for colds.

I am also just plain sick of being in the house.  I packed up the kids, jumped on the four wheeler and drove down to the back field.

We needed a change in scenery.  I love the white birch trees.  The kids loved the new area to explore.

If you look closely you can see that Wes has a weed in his mouth.  He says "I'm a farmer." 
"What kind of farmer?" I ask.
"A baby farmer"
"You grow babies?"
"Yep.  But I don't eat dem.  Just grow dem in poop."
"You grow babies in poop?  That's kind of gross."
"No it's not.  It's stinky"

My boy comes up with such silly things.  He makes me laugh so much. 

So does she.

Wes has taught her well.  She now loves to scream for no other reason than to watch me squirm as she nearly ruptures my ear drums.

Yes screaming is fun.

So is playing in hay fields.

She is doing her fake evil laugh here.  Check out the eye brows!

Don't look to closely or you'll see boogers.  Is that a booger brush you can download somewhere?  Some plug in for light room that erases boogers?  Please tell me there is one!  

We did not stay out long because we ran out of tissues but we very much enjoyed our time away from home.  I hope everyone else is staying healthy.


Victoria said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon! It's no fun being sick!!! Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders! The photos are beautiful. I love the evil laugh - lol. How did you watermark in Lightroom?

Heather said...

GORGEOUS photos!!! :-)

Rachel said...

Beautiful photos. I love that it has been so sunny lately.

I hope your family is feeling better.


Faith said...

WOW these are all SO beautiful!! LOVE the perspective of these so creative!!
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Holly said...

Love these pics!!!

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