8 days

It's been 8 days since my sweet heart turned one.  8 days.  I still can't believe that I have a one year old and a 3 year old!  8 days is a long time to wait to get birthday photos up.  Don't you think?   Well I am finally getting around to it.  It's been a busy week and we are still full of boogers.  Why won't they go away?  Ok ok enough about our stuffy heads.  Didn't Kirsite make the best cake?!  I think so.

We stole the idea from Mckmama.  It was delicious!  Scrum-didly-umptious!   I ate left overs for breakfast.  It was that good.  :)  Felicity loved it too.

I'm not kidding, she ate nearly the whole thing!  That's a lot of cake for a little girl. 

Despite her nasty cold, she ate and ate and ate and ate.  She can eat Wesley under the table most days.  She loves food just like her Mommy.

What do you guys think of the color editing?  I have a tiny living room with five doors and one window that leads to another room, which means no natural light.  Not exactly the brightest of most photogenic room.  Blah 

 I just love my seven toothed baby birthday girl!

She is snuggling the baby doll Matt and I gave her.  She just loves baby dolls and jewelery.  She lights right up when she sees a pretty necklace!  She is so fun.

Oh I just love this girl!

Yes, we sat her on our kitchen table in between hamburger rolls and tuna macaroni salad.  Yes, she is giving me the "seriously mom?" look.  Hehe  

She liked it.  

She wasn't really into ripping open her gifts.  She did however love wearing the jammies Kirstie gave her around her neck.  She wears random bits of clothing around her neck often.   She is our silly girl.

Happy first Birthday Baby girl!  We all love you so much! 


Patty said...

Wonderful pictures and CAKE! I may steal the idea as well ;-) You inspire me.

Victoria said...

So so so cute!!! Now I really want to try the rainbow cake!! She is so beautiful - I am sure she loved that cake!! Looks like she had a wonderful day!

Heather said...

Awww, so sweet. :) The editing of the living room photos is great!

Christina said...

Awww! So sweet! Great pictures, and that cake is amazing! I may have to steal it for Gracie's 2nd birthday party in May!

Holly said...

I saw that cake on her blog and I think it looks really good!

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