I am remembering calmer more relaxing days.  Just a few days ago i was calm, cool, and collected.  Now I have a lump in my stomach and a pounding head ache, along with a racing heart.  Why all this drama?  What is making a usually calm girl freak out? 

A wedding.  My sister's wedding.  In Georgia.  A 20 hour drive away.  Matt is not coming with me.  I am the photographer for said wedding.  I have never shot a wedding before.  We leave this Sunday.  I thought we were leaving next Sunday. I have so much to do!
I am freaking out!

In am trying to calm myself this morning by looking at photos of my stay with my mom.  Want to see them?  Well I  will show you anyway.

See Waterfalls were calming.

Walking around bare foot in freezing cold water was refreshing.

Listening to the rushing water was relaxing.

Chilling with my brother was fun.

Stuffing ourselves in a dead stinking tree was slightly icky but fun.

Daddy and daughter scaling rocks over waterfalls was terrifying.

Peeling Wesley's clingy finger off the tree when we said it was time to go, while trying not to laugh at his dramatic display of displeasure about leaving...hysterical.

Reaching the top of the falls and seeing the spendid small falls and rushing water was my favorite!  I'm not a climber.  

Awww...so much more relaxed.


Victoria said...

Ahhh..you will do GREAT! I live in GA - where are you coming?

Victoria said...

Ok - that is south GA - way south! I was going to tell you I have never done a wedding before - and if it was close - I would help you second shoot for practice! Always up for a new photography experience. I hope you enjoy your visit - wish we were closer! I know you will do great too!

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

your header is to flippen good to be true! AMAZING!

laney said...

I can totally relate...I'm doing my first wedding in May then I have another one scheduled for June. Can't wait to see the pictures! Have fun!

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