A place where great battles took place.  It's hard not to think of all those who died here.  Harder not to think of all those soldiers who are serving our country now.  
 To all our soldiers out there, where ever you are, whatever you are doing.  I thank you!  

Thank you for all you do!
This is the Devil's Den.

Where once soldiers hid, Saturday we played.

Matt is half monkey.  He climbs with ease up rocks I could not even attempt to scale.  He has all the grace and balance I lack.  I fall walking on even ground, and I am probably the most stable of all my sisters.  We are all a bunch giant klutzes!

Thankfully, Wes is his Daddy's boy.  He too has the monkey gene and all the bravery that will make a Mom go gray early!  I  literally had to grab him by his underwear once because I was scared he would fall into one of the many deep dark crevices.

He is also a rabbit.  I called him a mountain goat and was quickly told he was NOT a mountain goat, he was a bunny rabbit. 

We are not sure how much of her Daddy  Felicity has in her yet but I am hoping I did not pass on my klutzy gene to her.  She has yet to take her first wobbly steps to clue us into how graceful or klutzy she will be .  

I am hoping she is does not take after myself or my ankle twisting mom. 

Klutzy or not we all love spending time outside and enjoying the great playgrounds that God gave us!


Heather said...

Beautiful pictures!I love the one of Wes and Jill in the cave, that is a cool shot!
Felicity's outfit is so pretty and girly!
The shot of Wes jumping is cool!
Nice Mei Tei... :) That's what you're wearing, right?
Looks like you guys has fun. :)
P.S. you need more pics with you and your babies....want me to take some??

lovingmylife said...

Yes Heather! Please take some photos of me and the kids!!! :)

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