Not Me Monday... The Wesley Edition

This is a special Wesley edition of Mckmama's Not Me Monday!

My 3 year old is always calm, cool and collected so this past week, he did not experience a identity crisis, run around like a chicken with it's head cut off till he ran smack into chair,  put a Lima bean up his nose, or get re-acquainted with him imaginary friend Fred.

Wes did not decide to take his rest time in a broken down laundry basket.

Nope he is way to serious for that!

He did not claim to be a clown and swing on the frozen swing set with Fred.

He is not growling at me, nah, he always uses his big boy voice.

This sweet little lion did not throw a monster fit when it was time to go home and give back the lion suit to his friend!  No he is always more than willing to do as his Mommy asks.

He did not pretend to be a turtle in it's shell, while in his towel after a bath with his sister.

He did not smack his maracas together so hard that right after this photo was taken, one exploded!  That would make a big mess for me to pick up and he would NEVER do that.  Not my Wesley.

And lastly, when he asked if he could pick out his sister's clothes, he did not come up with this super cute and funky outfit.


Jenilee said...

what cute moments! :) thankfully, my girls have never stuck anything up their nose... that would be an experience! :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Don't you love when kiddos put stuff up their noses...my middle son has done that with corn before:) Too bad about the maracas breaking...I bet it will a little quieter at your house now though!

Heather said...

I LOVE the lion photo! Can you say "PROFESSIONAL?" Um, yea, cuz you ARE! :-)

Oh, and Brad has gone into a laundry basket exactly like yours! I have pics, I'll put them up on FB to show you. :) hehe

Angela said...

Oh noses, my girls have done that with a small seashell and bead, sigh. I LOVE your header and pictures, they are gorgeous!!! Have a great week!

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