Getting to know you

The questions..

1. Waffles, pancakes or french toast?
I'll eat them all but love french toast the most topped with blueberries, raspberryies, strawberries, and whipped cream! Mmmmmm yummy!

2. Dream home..What would it look like?
Oh it would be mine!  Any home that is mine would be a dream right now!  If I got to choose though it would be an old farm house (untouched by time and straight, not so crooked that your dresser drawers won't stay shut) with old doors and door knobs, pretty molding, hard wood floors,  tall ceilings, at least 3 bedrooms, a porch, lots of big windows, oh and a closet no make that lots of closets!  All that nestled in a secluded area with trees, flowers, and lots of room to play!  Hey I can dream right?  :-)

3. Favorite sport to watch during the Winter Olympics?
Probably ice skating and the luge.  I used to watch ice skating with my mom and Gramma but that was a long time ago.  I still watch it now just for special memories of my Gramma.

4. The first word that comes to mind when describing yourself?

5. Dresses, pants (jeans, leggings, etc.) or skirts?
jeans all the way!

6. What is your favorite time of day?
morning when the kids first get up and are snuggly!  Oh I love that! And after 8:30pm when the kids are sleeping and my husband is snuggly!  I love that too.  ;)

7. Beach or Mountains..which do you prefer?
Moutains, I love trees, hills, and rocks.  There is something so simple and beautiful about the colors and smells.  I do love the beach as well but my heart is in the mountains.

8.Will you watch the Super Bowl?
maybe, maybe not.  I'm not really a sports fan but I will watch football on occasion.


Momof3inVA said...

Aren't country houses the best? I love living in the country! Hope you get 'your' own dream house soon! ;)

The Thompsons said...

Hey there..I happened to see you are a follower on my blog "RhondaThompsonPhotography" and wanted to say hey! Your blog is great and your pictures are insane good! And yes, country houses are WHERE IT'S AT!

MannMom3 said...

I love your answers..and your dream home sounds lovely!!

Happy Monday!

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