hours of fun

What to do when you have to kill 6 hours of time while you are waiting for your carless little sister to get out of work? 

Can you guess where we passed our time??

If you guessed the local mall's play area, you were right!

That's right  we spent several hours here and had loads of fun.  Time actually went by a lot faster than I thought it would. 

It was Felicity's first time in a play area.  She really enjoyed herself and liked slapping the flower and ladybug toys.

Wes ran around like a maniac and made lots of "bef friends".  He is such a social child!

He was such a good listener that I rewarded him with a ride on Bob the builder's excavator. 

Playing so hard for so long wiped them out!  Felicity napped in her wrap and they both slept the whole hour and a half home!  

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Holly said...

I bet they had a lotta fun playing! I just love your header! The colors are so bright!

Thank you for the congrats and prayers! We appreciate it so much!

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