Awww...Date night

Matt and I rarely get out on kids free dates, not that we are complaining, we love spending time as a family but it is wonderful to be alone with he man I love.

This date was unlike any other.  Matt was given Christmas money and in years past, he has spent it on tools.  This year however, he asked me where I would want to go for dinner is money was not an issue.  After some thinking I suggested The Melting Pot.  I have heard both good and bad about it and wanted to decide for myself.

Let me say, it was an experience, one that probably won't be repeated very often.  Not because of the food, service, or all around  dinning experience but because of the cost.  That being said, I loved it!

We opted for the "Fondue Feast".  It is a four course dinner for two, cheese fondue, salad, entree, and chocolate fondue dessert.  Matt and I both got to choose our own salads. The Caesar and the house salad, are both delicious!

We are the type of family that eats  McDonald's, pizza, gas station subs, and on occasion other nicer chain restaurants.  We went Pizza Hut for our first anniversary,  so The Melting Pot was by far the most expensive, and creative restaurant, not to mention, super yummy!  I did not even mind cooking it. :-)

We loved the Teriyaki  sauce the most but sampled them all.

I was not expecting our "Yin and Yang" fondue to look like this.  Not really sure why I was not expecting it, but let's just say it didn't look like this for long! 

Dessert was scrum-dillie-oump-sious!  How could it be anything but when you are dipping brownies, pound cake, rice crispy treats, bananas, graham cracker marshmallows, chocolate covered marshmallows, cheesecake, and my favorite strawberries in a combo of white chocolate and dark chocolate!

Oh yeah...we ate it all!  Every last drop of chocolate, and crumb of yumminess! 

Dinner at the Melting Pot...almost as delicious as alone time with Matthew!


Heather said...

So sweet and cool pics!

Anonymous said...

almost as delicious as alone time with matt, awww haha, that made me giggle a little, :)

lovingmylife said...

go to bed Kirstie! :-)

Pixel Perfect said...

So fun! Glad you got to go on a date! Hubby and I have yet to do fondue. After we kick this yucky sickness we will have to try it!

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