Best of Friends

Would you guess that these two are more than 16 years apart?

Me Either!

Poor Frosty, he fell and then was trampled to death by the Kirstie and her side kick Wes!

Then they used his arms as swords.

And spankers!  Run Wes!!!!!

Oh yes, they are buds.

Best buds!

What is she doing?  
I have NO idea...well whatever it was, Wes thought she was the most amazing thing since chocolate milk!  If you could have heard his huge belly laughs, you would have smiled for a week!

These two plays like little siblings, fight like siblings, and love like siblings.  Wes even asked Kirstie to marry him!   They are the best of friends!


Heather said...

Cute!! Haha, did she fall off the swing?!

lovingmylife said...

haha No, Heather she did not fall off. :-)

Anonymous said...

I did fall off once, but i made it look like a did it on purpose

Victoria said...

What an awesome relationship! I LOVE the kids I used to keep - they became like family...and still are! It certianly is a special bond.

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