Sitting in a Winter Wonderland

It’s one of those things you dream about from the time you are a little girl. You plan it in you head and envision exactly how it will be one. Taking your youngest into the freezing cold and plopping their plump diapered bottom into the arctic snow. Watching their little face contort while their lips freeze as they taste their first snowfall. Ok maybe not but still taking my little one in the snow for the first time is fun!

We had our first snowfall last week and it took me three days to get Felicity out in it. Wes on the other hand begged to go play in it as soon as we got home at 6pm Saturday night. I being the ever cautious worry free kind of mom played with him in the pitch dark till our unmittened hands were too cold to move.

We even made a miniature snowman.

Ok back to Felicity.

All bundled up in her hand-me-down reindeer snowsuit we ventured out into the 30 something degree weather. It actually was beautiful and almost sunny. First we chased Wes around trying to get some photos of him playing in the snow. Felicity was snuggly zipped up inside my jacket with only her head and one socked hand sticking out.

Once again, back to Felicity! It must stink being the second child; you never get all the attention. So finally after hours minutes chasing Wes, I set my completely unaware 7 month old darling in the snow.

She loved it. Stuck her socked hand out…

Got a handful of snow

And tasted its frozen goodness

Made a horrible face

And tried to do it again.

Silly girl.

1 comment:

Christina said...

Great pictures! I had so much fun taking Gracie out last year for the first time. :) I'm looking forward to seeing her reaction this year, as long as we do get some snow!

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