Not in a barn!

Christmas is upon us and I am trying to teach Wesley why we celebrate Christmas. I had no idea how difficult this would be.  We have a couple Christmas books and since Wes is loving story time lately, we have been reading them often.  We read the Christmas story about how Jesus was born in a manger to His mother and father who could not find a house to stay in.  I can not for the life of my convince him that Jesus was a baby!  He is positive that Jesus is a little man that he can carry around with in his hand or his throat!  Yes I said throat, you read that correctly.  He loves Jesus and talks about Him and prays but for whatever reason can not imagine that Jesus was a baby and he was most certainly NOT born in a barn!  That is just for cows and poop!  Hmmm....maybe next year I will be able to reason with Wes better.  It amazes me that a boy who makes friends out of nothing and names them Fred and carries Jesus around in his throat can not imagine Jesus as a baby.  He is too much!  Oh yeah and Mary and Joseph were not Jesus' parents, they are his friends.  There is no point in trying to change his mind.  Jesus is a man, NOT  a baby and did not have a mommy or daddy and definitely was not a baby in a barn full of poop!  I love his imagination and his personality, his quirky ways, and his contagious smile but man oh man is he hard reason with, maybe next year.  Then again look at who I am dealing with.  This is the same boy who wears 3-d glasses and walks to the beat of his own drummer.  :)  Any suggestions?


Christina said...

Adorable! I love the things kids come up with! At least he knows who Jesus is, he's got a great start to really understanding what Christmas is all about! I love that he doesn't think Jesus was a baby and instead a little man that can be carried around. :) So cute!

Dawnette said...

That's super-sweet, Lindsay. This is how we all learn - Line Upon Line - Precept upon Precept - a little here - a little there. Love it!!!

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