He had a craving

Oh boy, these last few days have been busy, not off the wall busy but oops I forgot to eat busy.  You know what I mean right?  So today when I was preparing my house for 6 family members who should be arriving in the next few hours, I was a maniac a little busy.  Felicity is cutting her top two teeth, and it must be painful because she has been a grumpy bear for almost a week!  So I was at my wits end trying to vaccum, organize and make last minute Christmas gifts.  I asked Kirstie is help me wrap Felicity to my back.   Aaaaaah silence!   The girl loves her wrap!  And so does her mommy!  All was so gloriously quiet that I asked Matt to give Felicity her bottle in the back wrap.  hehe  That was a first.  It worked very well and I got some extra cleaning time in.

Not long after I was sorting through all the stuff I found under the couch, ahem Kirstie, Matt and I found, we noticed that Wes was gone.  Now loosing Wes in my tiny house is not an easy thing to do.  You can usually hear him talking to himself from any place in the house.  When an eerie silence floated to my ears, I knew he was up to something.  I walked cautiously into the kitchen and this is what I found...

Yep, he is eating the last of the Nestle's Chocolate Quick!  We waste nothing in this house.

Not even one crumb!

I certainly would not let him continue to inhale chocolate flavored sugar shortly before bed so hat I could snap a couple photos of him enjoying his forbidden goodie. 

That is one gross happy little boy!

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Pixel Perfect said...

Hey girl! Love the pictures. Especially the one where he is smiling! Look on the bright side the nesquick could have ended up on the floor. Did you have a great Christmas?


PS my new blog button doesn't have any white around it. :)

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