Simply Sunday

Sunday is the only day that Matt does not work. We cherish this day and look forward to it all week! After church sometimes we just stay home and hangout or get caught up on this that need to be done. Other times we go to parks, on hikes, for random drives in the country, or visit family. It was on one such Sunday that we ended up almost an hour west at Matt's sister, Marisa's home.
We took a walk around Maris and Jordan's home and looked for deer tracks and rubs. Then much to all our surprise 4 good size deer ran across a creek and through the field right in front of us. Wes thought that was so neat!

Since we do not have a paved driveway we have been having a hard time teaching Wes to ride his birthday bike. We brought is along and Matt had a blast riding it. Yep, my big old 34 year old husband rode around on Wesley's Thomas bike. Let's just say Matt is a kid at heart and I love him all the more for it.

Matt did let Wes ride his bike eventually and our little boy did a very good job. We just have to work of peddling and steering at the same time.

Wes also gave his bike and Uncle Jordan's lawn tractor a good wash.

Not to be left out Felicity learned to scoot backwards on Marisa's hard wood floors. She was so cute and would scoot and scoot till she backed herself into a corn and then cry. Too sweet. I just love my little girl.

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jmberrygirl said...

Sunday is our only "off" day, too. We love it! Thanks for sharing. I'm really looking forward tothis Sunday!

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