Kinda Spooky

Don't get scared, but this is going to get spooky! Ok just kidding but there is a graveyard and a run down church. I first noticed this place when Matt and I went for a drive one afternoon. We could not stop then to take pictures so I asked a couple friends to go with me and today Heather and I went. We are both new to the DSRL world and wanted to play with our new toys. Here I am waiting for Heather, so we can start our adventure.

It took a lot longer than I remember to get to the church and I was beginning to wonder if I had some how missed it. When I checked my phone to call Matt for help, you guessed it no service. Heather had no service either....Spooky.

Then there it was, forgot and alone, tired and old. I wonder how long it has been abandoned, how long ago it was when worshipers gathered and filled it's rafters with song, how long since the sun had shone on it's crumbling face. Ok, ok that's a little dramatic, the sun was out but the church really did look sad, or maybe just spooky.

This window fascinated me. I don't think I was able to get the angle I was picturing in my head but there is always next time.

Is it just me or does the leafless tree and the dead weeds just add to the spooky factor?

See it really was a nice day to walk around an old abandoned graveyard. What else would you do on a nice Saturday without the kids?

Speaking of kids, this was the first time ever that I have been able to get away with the sole purpose of taking pictures. It was nice but I was not used to no one pulling my jeans nearly off or yanking my camera strap out of my hands.

I wonder who she mourning?

We found a little Old Glory.

This was my favorite tombstone. Not the oldest or tallest but simply my favorite. There were some stones that were so old they had absolutely no visible words on them. I wonder if anyone still knows who they belong to. How long do you have to be gone before you become completely forgotten? If that thought does not humble you, I don't know what will.

Poor girl has been sitting there so long she was not ready for her close up shots. Lets just say she REALLY needed a facial! Talk about dry skin.

And yes we had to get in a few of the overly popular "hey look at me I have a cool camera" shots! We could not really consider ourselves photographers without our official camera shots, now could we?

We had a great time and hopefully learned from each other and will schedule another childless photo taking session soon. Maybe next time at a less spooky place. :)

I leave you with this....Kinda Spooky....huh?


Heather said...

Wow, your photos look GREAT- don't look at mine, they are not nearly this good!!! ;-) Did you edit yours? Some don't look straight out of the camera- they look great! You really have a good eye for composition!! And creative, too. :)

Thea said...

LOVE the photos! Looks like the two of you had a great time. You definitely ought to carve out more time when you can take pictures together again sometime. Spooky indeed....especially the last photo.

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