Not Me Monday!

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Not My Husband Monday!

This week is dedicated to my husband and his love of tractors!

None of his 17 tractors are younger than him. Yes he really does have 17 full size running tractors! This does not even include those dead ones he keeps for parts!

He does not want to put a completely refinished tractor in our living room! Can we say "NOT gonna happen!" I am not even going to mention that he was more excited about these photos than he was about our wedding photos!

He does not spend nearly every weekend during the summer at tractor shows and fairs looking at tractors. And certainly did not make me a special seat so I could ride on his tractor with him in the antique tractor parade at said tractor shows.

He does not also have an extensive collection of actual toy tractors that ARE in our living room. I do not continually buy them for him every Christmas and he is certainly not getting two more this year. Shhh...it's a secret!

He does not freak out when someone buys Wes an evil green, or orange tractor! We are a Farmall and IH family and red and battleship grey are the only colors allowed in here!

Ahhh, but I love him and all his tractors! I knew long before we married that tractors are part of what makes him and great man that I love so I'll take all 17 tractors that make him so happy. I will however NEVER love all greasy finger prints they leave all over my house!

I love you Matt!


Jenilee said...

what a fun hobby! such a boy thing to love tractors like that. around here, we are quite baby doll, barbie and polly loving. My hubby likes a good tractor, truck or other farm machinery. :)

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Wow, it sounds like your hubby should be nicknamed "John Deere" (LOL, I am laughing at my corny pun)...

My DH would be sooooo jealous. He grew up in the country, and now is confined to the suburbs!


Rudy Rukus said...

Very funny! Husbands have their own stuff don't they but we love them just the same!

Katrine said...

Wow! That's a large hobby! Good for him!

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