Christmas Card Attempt


Ok I think you get it. I am bummed. Try as I may I was unable to get both kids to look at me together. :( Wes did great and smiled big, looked cute, loved his sister, and basically did whatever I said. Felicity on the other hand was much too busy eating grass, trying to suck on Wes' muddy boot, and basically looking everywhere BUT at the camera. O well I did get a couple super cute shots just not what I really wanted.

I think I am in love with this old barn siding. I just think it looks really neat as a background. What do you think?

I won't mention that Wes let go and with a half twist his little sister ate a mouthful of grass as she tumbled down the hill we were standing on. And in my attempt to keep everyone happy and picture worthy I did not just swoop up the tumbling baby clap my hands and say "Yea! That was fun!" And then reposition them, this time sitting, and continue to shoot away. :)

What a serious little cutie!

These last two are my favorites!

Anyone else having trouble getting the "perfect" Christmas card photo? Any tips??


Tyra said...

Those are cute! I can't say I wouldn't do the same swooping and clapping technique! Will have to remember that one. Their outfits look so cute together!

Heather said...

As you know from just talking to me on the phone- YES,I'm having trouble, too! :-) Next year, let's get our photos together to help each other and try starting to get them in, oh, maybe SEPTEMBER OR OCTOBER!!! Hehe. :-)

Mandy Cornick said...

Sometimes it's best if anyone but the momma take them...at least I've found that with Bray. I can try next week for you, hopefully it's nice and we can go to the park or something. I love the shot of Felicity sitting alone...her face is precious! and yes the barn is an amazing backdrop!

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