Kids Say

The Darnedest things

You will have to use your imagination for this post because my best friend computer is not working at the moment so I am using my sister's computer and don't want to clog up her's with all my thousands of pictures. That being said, enjoy!

We recently went to my sister-in-laws for lunch. While there her in-laws stopped by. Wesley being the ever friendly little guy that he is starts talking to her mother-in-law.
Wesley - "I sawd you"
Mother-in-law - "you see me?"
Wesley - "No, I sawd you on t.v."
Mother-in-law - "really"
Wesley - "Yep...You was naked"
Mommy - "Oh boy!"

Yesterday while shopping at a discount food store, Wesley apparently noticed for the first time that people come in different colors. An African American woman walks past us dressed head to toe in black.
Wesley - "Oh Look! A BLLAACK Lady!"

Later at another store
Wesley - "Look a Blllaaack lady. Anoder blllaaack lady. Black lady, black lady, black lady."
Mommy to Kirstie - "Give him some candy so he won't talk so much.

Guess it's time to talk to him about how God made people in many different colors.


Summer Willard said...

Lol! That is SO funny. Well, probably not as funny for you while you were out with him, but still. It's pretty darn funny! Thanks for sharing!! I hope you have a good day! :-)


jmberrygirl said...

Thanks for sharing. My mom had a friend whose son crawled beneath a one-legged woman's skirt in the grocery, loudly asking, "Where did she put her leg, Mommy?"

Heathymom said...

HAHA, I told you to write them down and you did! Now you will always have this to look back on. :)

Christina said...

Hahaha! I love it! Kids are so cute! Thanks for becoming a "follower"! I'll be following you now, too!

Jenilee said...

that is so cute. I love having fun conversations with my girls! I love your header picture by the way. super fun!

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