Oh my dear Wesley!

My Dear Wesley...he is rarely clean, still, or quiet. Even in his sleep he battles monsters, rides tractors, and rambles on about things he feels are important. There is never a moments rest with this little guy.
Our back yard is his playground, the tractors are all HIS and he "knows" how to drive them all. If he can't get them to start "Daddy can fix it." Daddies can fix anything even a worm that he ripped in half. :) Daddies are awesome!

What goes on inside that blond head, I do not know. His life is full of dirt, tractors, bugs, sand, swinging, talking, eating, and imaginary friends. There is no limit to what he could accomplish if he thought he would get a piece of candy for finishing it. :)

God help me raise him to be a Child after Your own heart. To love others and to serve You!

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