I thought I would share with you some of the things that Wes is saying and doing recently...

~Yesterday we had an unexpected visitor and it seems that he is going to be staying around for awhile...His name is Fred, his favorite color is black and he LOVES to swing on the swing set. He ate dinner and dessert with us last night, slept with Wes, pooped in Wes' pants, pulled Mommy's hair, and requires extra kisses to take a nap. He talks in an high pitched voice, and conveniently fits in the palm of Wesley's hand. The upside of this uninvited friend is that he can read and loves to read to Wes in bed which makes nap time just a little bit longer :) We are not sure where he came from or how long he will be with us but for the time he is welcome to stay. :)


Daddy to Wes- "that's a wood splitter."

Wes-" I touch it?"

Daddy- "No! It will chop your fingers off"

Wes- "It's OK...God ull make me new ones"


Mommy to Wes- "Where do you live Wes?"

Wes- "in Jesus!"

Mommy- "No buddy Jesus lives in your heart, you don't live in Him"

Wes- "Nooooo Mommy I do live in Jesus" he grabs Jesus from his throat which is where he thinks Jesus lives even though I have shown him where his heart is a hundred times and "look Mommy now Jesus in my hand!"

Mommy laughing - "ok bud "

Wes is now holding "Jesus" in his cupped hands and smiling in his car seat.


Mommy to Wes- "pick up your toys"

Wes- "I'm so mad!"

Mommy smiling now- "why?"

Wes- "T (what he calls his 5 month old sister) dumped out my toys"


Mommy to Wes after helping him put on his underwear - "Now Wes where are you going to put your poop and pee?"

Wes exclaims a little too enthusiastically- "in the grass!"
Mommy to Wes "Why are you in your sister's jumper?"
Wes- "I'm da baby now"
Mommy- "No your a big boy"
Wes- "Waaaa I'm sad. Give me a pacifier, Mommy! Dat make me stop crying! Waaaaaaa"

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