chocolate, bananas, and red bean ice cream

Fred is still hanging around with us. I have found out some more tings about him, he has black hair and black eyes, lives on the swing set and likes chocolate :) I have a very imaginative little boy!

Felicity is eating oatmeal and pureed avocado and loving it! I am going to go to he store today and buy a couple and freeze it so she can continue to enjoy them while they are cheaper. We tried bananas but she gagged and gagged and gagged. So bananas are not going to be a favorite at least for the time being.

I was up most of the night with Felicity, I have no idea why she was up so much because she really did not want her bottle. She did however want to nurse all night so I hope she just needed some Mommy time and tomorrow will be better. I had a great time last night with a friend. We went to a Japanese restaurant and had a hibachi style dinner and red bean ice cream. Everything was wonderful except the red bean ice cream. That was just interesting. :)

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Anonymous said...

That is sweet that she just wanted her mommy all night, I'm sure you were tired but you will look back on that time and smile. It is precious and goes by way too fast. I miss it when Brad needed Mommy all through the night. :-)

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