A winter walk

 Last week was so warm it had me wondering if Spring was going to make an early appearance. Our winter has been so mild that I have caught myself actually hoping to get a good snow storm!

 I do love being able to  take the kids outside to play and to feel the sun on my face during a time when we are usually all bundled up inside. 

The kids enjoyed being able to play on the big tractor tires.

 I made a happy discovery while we were out there.  Our chickens have started laying again!  They only stopped for about two months.  Yet another positive side effect of a mild winter.

 Charlie was very interested in everything outside.  He tasted grass and even a rock for the first time.

Wesley made a very unsafe bike ramp.  I am not looking forward to the accidents that are bound to happen now that he is riding on two wheels.  He talks about the "cool ramps" he is going to make this summer. 

Felicity is still scared of the teeter totter so I had to pump it with my leg while trying to take photos of Wes.  He loves playing on this and just can't understand why his sister won't play on it with him.  

We went for a small walk and stopped to take a photo of Charlie on the box that I took his 2 week photos on.  I can't believe it has been six months since the first time he sat on this box.  He is growing and changing so quickly.

We found a pile of logs that Matt's cousin was cutting up for wood.  Wes and Felicity had to climb to the top and play around on the pile.  Felicity was very  proud that she made it to the top and refused any help in both climbing up and down.

I sat Charlie in an old wagon and he quickly set his mind to grabbing every little thing he could and trying to get it  in his mouth.  I would be in the process of taking one thing away and he was grabbing for another!  He is a quick one.

Wes found a few old cat tails and bought them home.  They are still sitting on the porch in a tin of water.  He is sure that they will come back to life if he waters them and gives them sunshine everyday.  I told him it probably wouldn't work but he keeps watering them so they will stay on the porch for awhile I guess.  

A winter walk wouldn't  be complete without some ice skating!  It wasn't real smooth ice but that was probably a good thing, since it kept the kids from falling. 

As much as I wish we had a little more snow, winter walks are much easier without any.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could have joined your Winter excursion, it looked like a lot of fun!! Be careful making your ramps Wesley, you wouldn't want your sister to try to copy you and get hurt. (wink wink). Great job on climbing to the top of the log pile Felicity! Just don't grow up too fast, hold mommy's hand as much as possible. I love you guys Bunches!

~Aunt Britty

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